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C Low Analysis

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Low Analysis: Evaluates if the stock is reaching new lows, and if so if there is volume to support the moves.
LowvolumedateVolume Brokendate Broken
66.08 12,708,600 Oct-03-2019 0 Not Broken
61.3 12,352,100 Aug-28-2019 0 Not Broken
61.32 16,340,400 Aug-15-2019 12,352,100 Aug-28-2019
70.54 13,409,900 Jul-18-2019 22,570,900 Aug-01-2019
66.54 14,205,600 Jun-25-2019 21,144,700 Aug-05-2019
66.54 8,136,000 Jun-17-2019 14,205,600 Jun-25-2019
62.1 19,625,300 Jun-03-2019 29,370,600 Aug-14-2019
64.38 23,485,700 May-13-2019 14,481,300 May-23-2019
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