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QQQ High Analysis

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High Analysis: Evaluates if the stock is reaching new highs, and if so if there is volume to support the moves.
highvolumedateVolume Brokendate Broken
342.15 40,909,900 Apr-16-2021 37,679,200 Apr-29-2021
321.9 78,207,800 Mar-17-2021 55,635,400 Apr-01-2021
324.25 48,265,000 Mar-02-2021 55,635,400 Apr-01-2021
337.23 27,040,900 Feb-16-2021 30,340,200 Apr-13-2021
328.91 39,052,600 Jan-25-2021 24,746,800 Feb-03-2021
319.03 33,955,800 Jan-08-2021 30,728,000 Jan-20-2021
308.29 18,341,400 Dec-08-2020 25,440,600 Dec-16-2020
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